Friday, March 16, 2018

It's a Mermaid life for me.....

Living in Alberta, Canada, has me dreaming of the beach.
KaiserCraft does beach paper with flair. So many gorgeous papers.
Here is a sample shot of the paper and supplies used for this layout
I chose a fairly plain piece of pattern paper from the small paper pack. Used fishing net stamp, emboss and TH distress powder to create the net background.
I wanted just a border of shells, so I picked a line and fussy cut along the shell tops. Then I flipped that sheet over so I could use the beach side.
Doing this left a slight gap. Not to worry, use the ephemera pack or fussy cut some coral to fill in the spaces.

This is the close-up....Mermaid or Sea Hag caught in that net? You decide.
Neither one of the photos was much good. But trimmed and arranged, it makes for a fun layout theme.
 Still have to do a bit of journaling and add a title. Love these paper packs.
Thanks Pinterest and pinners for the funnies

Friday, March 9, 2018

March Match Box

Another Matchbox for the swap!
This one is of course themed for St Patrick's Day.

The item pictured above is -Believe it or Not- a Leprechauns Sporan.

I had to keep the decorations fairly flat so I could mail it by regular letter post. Here is the story I enclosed with the 'Green' Decorated box.
I cobbled together the 'Irish True Tale using both books.  I will print the actual tale below.

'An Irish True Tale'
written by Pam Colosimo,
as told to her by Connor McSwiggins.
This little matchbox once belonged to a Leprechaun.
In it you will find:
His Sporan and Key, In true Leprechaun fashion the lock is missing. His stick pin for sticking would be pot-of-gold thieves. Green dragon tears and buttons of gold. The stamp from a fair maidens love letter and a scrap of embroidery out of her hope chest. The plaid Connor say's is from is very own kilt. Stolen from him when he fell down exhausted just at the moment he found the pot gold.
{more likely he was drunk on green beer} Things get a bit fuzzy for him at this point. He mumbles something about dead frogs and Saints. If it weren't for the tiny box I wouldn't believe this tale as told. But, I must not judge, only record. All of us after all have a wee bit of Irish in us on St. Patrick's Day.
May the wind be always at your back. P.C.

This would be fun to do for little kids, get them to decorate the box, then leave it over night and add a few coins to the opening, take the pot away. Make it appear like their was a struggle.

Friday, March 2, 2018

Fairy ATC Box

A Fairy Garden with Graphic 45 'Fairy Dust Collection'
This is what it looked like before. Left over from a Christmas gift coffee set. I knew it had to be decorated and repurposed for something.

Originally I was going to make individual fairy houses, but that was a idea changed once I got them all wallpapered. This was a straight up mimic size and glue into place. Some overnight clamping was required. If I were to work with the same type of background, I would sand the outside lightly for better glue adhesion. 


 I will use each little box to hold ATC's from my massive collection
Every fairy house needs some dingle ball bling
 This is the final photo Fairy Garden party going on up top. Each individual box will hold about 7-10 ATC. I will label the the box ends according to category as I fill them.
Side Pocket Notes of this and that
I even repurposed the paper name on the UPC strip for the overall title.
And a Bucket to put them in!

Friday, February 23, 2018

Pretty Girls

Found these photos from 2004. This is Cocoa in the top left and Charity, her mother on the right.  These photos make me think of the Nanny McPhee movie where the kids dress the pony up. I think they ended up trying to eat the hat.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Organizing Photos

I re did a little file box with My Minds Eye paper, gesso and various trims. The box was a discount box because the back flap was broken.

I used a binder machine to punch holes, added in a few sheets on top to keep a record easily at hand as to what is inside as well as jot down ideas.
Because I have been going through photos, I pulled some of the favourites that are waiting for me to scrapbook and filled the inside.

Now I have a 'pretty' quick to find photo gallery for when I want a project to work on. It sure saves a lot of hunt and peck. I am hoping with all the organizing. I will be getting a lot more layouts done!

Here's a little something for  Tuesday morning.
 Have a safe and Happy Family Day!

Friday, February 9, 2018


Sounds a little like a spell from the 'Potter' movies. This layout is inspired by Kaisercrafts February challenge. Read about that below.
This layout is created with 'UBud Dreams' paper and ephemera pack by Kaisercraft.
This is a photo I rediscovered while organizing the stacks recently.
The two youngest sweet darlings. Sigh, 17 springs ago. Where do the little girls in  rain boots with umbrellas go? The little girls are not gone, they turn into something different that is different and equally as beautiful. Like the snowmen, that melt away, into rain.
Most of the Hexagons are popped up on pop dots. Hard to see in the face on photo. I did struggle with the hexagon shape for the largest paper. Turns out I was overthinking things. I used a 'crafters workshop' stencil template with white gesso initially, then went in with ink and a pen to define the background hex's.
I haven't entered many online challenges. I do quite often peruse the design team creations and use them as a jumping off point. For the month of February Kaisercraft is offering up a challenge to use HEXAGON'S with their papers. Pop on over and see what this is  all about.  This is going to be my entry into their challenge.
If you live in know about these sharks!

Friday, February 2, 2018

Valentine's Fooling around

Here are some Valentines treasures I have been working on for my sweets as well as swapping groups. {Don't get the wrong idea, we do have partners...but, we are swapping art projects, not partners} LOL
Finished box closed

Secured a ribbon so it can have a stand up girl. she will be facing the other way when the box is closed as shown above.

I made two tiny shell books with a simple quote in them.

I am well enough pleased with how they turned out, but won't lie about the unreal amount of time it took to get them to work.
Then I tied them shut with a ribbon woven through lace. It fits inside the matchbox, which is about 1-1/2" X  2" X 1/2".



Some of the goodies that are inside these tiny boxes.
I also made a tiny fold out book with the following on its pages:
Inside this little matchbox, you will find;
A fairy girl plucked from the Hydrangea flowers.
Shell buttons and tiny shell book given by a Mermaid from her treasure box.
Loves lost perfume flask with WWII bus tickets inside. Locket from a hope chest. A dragons teardrop. A feather from the wing of an Angel to watch over you.
Thanks Pinterest for keeping it real!