Friday, April 20, 2018

A Little Mermaid in a Shoe

 Sometimes I make things just for fun.
This is a tiny plastic shoe from a $$ store. Stuffed with craft moss and pinned sequins with beads. The Mermaid and Seahorse is Jane Davenport stamped and fussy cut. Bo Bunny laser cut clock and bits from the stash.
Thanks Pinterest and Pinners

Friday, April 13, 2018

Henna Ink

Photo is ATC  using butterfly stamp, done with G 45 paper cut-outs
embellished with craft feathers.
Hero Arts has Henna Inks, They are safe for most to use for body art. I however am a paper art type player.
This is a new product for me, so I like to play around with different stamps on scraps of paper. The ink initially stamps very clear and clean. Above is stamped on tissue then spritzed. 
I was experimenting on home made type paper. In the photo above the right hand is the initial stamp, spritzed with water. The colors started to separate in an interesting way. I then looked at the back side and you can see it bled through the most amazing aqua color. Gives a fun watercolor effect. 

Soon little kitty, soon....

Friday, April 6, 2018

Envelope Art

Getting ready for a big swap out. Thought I would add some interest to the envelopes.

As a precaution, I added a strip of plastic under the glue, so they wouldn't stick together if they got too damp.
Then it was 3 colors of spray and a template I liked. Easy and quick.
 I like to use the overspray as well. The photo below illustrates both looks.

I fit some smaller ones in as well.

 Then I did the edges of the notecards as well.
They look nice for the most part. Use your felts or ink pens to touch up the ones that need a little more definition. Have fun and protect your work surface before your start spraying.
Spray on translucent paper and make this!
But why stop there.....This is what we really want to do... to find a ridiculously cute child to model

Friday, March 23, 2018

Pipes for a Man Page

This is a background working with Kaiser Paper as well as Kaiser Pipe template.
The men in my life seem to get scrapbooked a lot less than the girls. This is going to make a great background for a 'man' page.
The process was very simple. Use a heavy body molding paste to fill in the template. I placed it corner to corner in a square grid pattern.
This is the test piece on white background.
Let it dry overnight for a through and through cure. Love how this stencil transferred the details. NOTE: Clean your stencil immediately or put in a water soak to keep it from hardening.
Place the stencil back over the top and touch up with a rub, ink, paint, or dye to get your desired look.
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Friday, March 16, 2018

It's a Mermaid life for me.....

Living in Alberta, Canada, has me dreaming of the beach.
KaiserCraft does beach paper with flair. So many gorgeous papers.
Here is a sample shot of the paper and supplies used for this layout
I chose a fairly plain piece of pattern paper from the small paper pack. Used fishing net stamp, emboss and TH distress powder to create the net background.
I wanted just a border of shells, so I picked a line and fussy cut along the shell tops. Then I flipped that sheet over so I could use the beach side.
Doing this left a slight gap. Not to worry, use the ephemera pack or fussy cut some coral to fill in the spaces.

This is the close-up....Mermaid or Sea Hag caught in that net? You decide.
Neither one of the photos was much good. But trimmed and arranged, it makes for a fun layout theme.
 Still have to do a bit of journaling and add a title. Love these paper packs.
Thanks Pinterest and pinners for the funnies

Friday, March 9, 2018

March Match Box

Another Matchbox for the swap!
This one is of course themed for St Patrick's Day.

The item pictured above is -Believe it or Not- a Leprechauns Sporan.

I had to keep the decorations fairly flat so I could mail it by regular letter post. Here is the story I enclosed with the 'Green' Decorated box.
I cobbled together the 'Irish True Tale using both books.  I will print the actual tale below.

'An Irish True Tale'
written by Pam Colosimo,
as told to her by Connor McSwiggins.
This little matchbox once belonged to a Leprechaun.
In it you will find:
His Sporan and Key, In true Leprechaun fashion the lock is missing. His stick pin for sticking would be pot-of-gold thieves. Green dragon tears and buttons of gold. The stamp from a fair maidens love letter and a scrap of embroidery out of her hope chest. The plaid Connor say's is from is very own kilt. Stolen from him when he fell down exhausted just at the moment he found the pot gold.
{more likely he was drunk on green beer} Things get a bit fuzzy for him at this point. He mumbles something about dead frogs and Saints. If it weren't for the tiny box I wouldn't believe this tale as told. But, I must not judge, only record. All of us after all have a wee bit of Irish in us on St. Patrick's Day.
May the wind be always at your back. P.C.

This would be fun to do for little kids, get them to decorate the box, then leave it over night and add a few coins to the opening, take the pot away. Make it appear like their was a struggle.

Friday, March 2, 2018

Fairy ATC Box

A Fairy Garden with Graphic 45 'Fairy Dust Collection'
This is what it looked like before. Left over from a Christmas gift coffee set. I knew it had to be decorated and repurposed for something.

Originally I was going to make individual fairy houses, but that was a idea changed once I got them all wallpapered. This was a straight up mimic size and glue into place. Some overnight clamping was required. If I were to work with the same type of background, I would sand the outside lightly for better glue adhesion. 


 I will use each little box to hold ATC's from my massive collection
Every fairy house needs some dingle ball bling
 This is the final photo Fairy Garden party going on up top. Each individual box will hold about 7-10 ATC. I will label the the box ends according to category as I fill them.
Side Pocket Notes of this and that
I even repurposed the paper name on the UPC strip for the overall title.
And a Bucket to put them in!